Atlanta: Tallulah Gorge

Every year, my friends and I plan a long weekend somewhere so that we can see each other and be tourists somewhere together!  This year, we went to Atlanta, which is where Rosemary and Tim live!  Since I had only ever been to the Atlanta airport and not into the city at all, I was super excited!  We had also planned to head to Tallulah Gorge, which is in north Georgia, for some hiking.  We actually did that our first day there and it was a true physical feat!  The hike starts at the top of the gorge and went down soooooo many steps to the bottom and then we had to come back up.  It was such a workout but it was so worth it for the views!


Tallulah Falls, Tallulah Gorge, 2017


Gorge Bridge, Tallulah Gorge, 2017


Rocky Bottom, Tallulah Gorge, 2017


Hurricane Falls, Tallulah Gorge, 2017


Fall Speckles, Tallulah Gorge, 2017


Rosemary and Rukku, Tallulah Gorge, 2017


Overlooking the Valley, Tallulah Gorge, 2017


On the Trail, Tallulah Gorge, 2017


Inspiration Point, Tallulah Gorge, 2017


Pensive Place, Tallulah Gorge, 2017


Lake Home, Tallulah Falls Lake, 2017


Lakeside Boardwalk, Tallulah Falls Lake, 2017

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